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Golf Routines

Targeted training that brings progress - practice all areas of the game without focusing on technique

Golf Routines - intelligent training without a focus on technique

Train without a focus on technique, using exercises developed by golf pros and the best amateurs.
The exercises are designed for golfers of all levels and give you immediate feedback thanks to the result interpretation feature! Improve your handicap with targeted exercises for all areas of the game, from driving to putting.
You can register for free, and a coach is available to answer any questions at no cost!
Whether on your own or in groups – practice all areas of the golf game and determine your individual focal points. Improve your handicap without changing your grip or altering your swing, because gut feeling and intuition play a very important role in golf. In line with the motto "we don't take pictures during golf", we work with you in a results-oriented way to turn you into a better golfer with our exercises.

Register with Golf Routines together with your friends and you will receive your training plans straight away. When training together, you can help each other and give each other tips. Above all, it's just more fun to train together. Your coach is looking forward to welcoming you as Golf Routines members soon!