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1. What is Golf Routines?
Golf Routines is a training guide that doesn't focus on technique and is for golfers of all levels. The training sessions are designed to cover all areas of golfing.
2. How much does the personal Golf Routines training plan cost?
Golf Routines is completely free - after registering, you will receive access to all training plans and videos.
3. How does Golf Routines work?
After you have registered, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Once you have confirmed your registration, we will send you your first training session with all necessary PDF files straight away. In addition, the emails contain links to the respective practice videos.
4. How many training sessions are there?
You will receive a total of 9 training sessions with 5 exercises each. The individual exercises of the sessions cover different areas of the game.
5. The PDF files are in a DIN A4 format - how can I comfortably carry these in my bag?
The PDF files are designed in such a way that you can fold them into the size of score cards. Folding instructions are included in the PDF files. This means that you can easily attach them to your score card holder or carry them in your back pocket.
6. How will I recognize my progress?
The exercises are designed so that you can simply enter your results and notes into the corresponding fields. You can thereby track your progress and determine the areas you're doing well in and those that require more practice.
7. Do I need training equipment to complete the exercises?
Golf Routines is designed to be carried out without any training devices. With the exception of balls, clubs, and tees, you won't need any other equipment.
8. How much of a time commitment does the training require?
All exercises can be completed individually. You can therefore decide for yourself how much time you want to invest in training.
9. I'm already on the golf course and forgot to print out the PDF files, how can I still complete my training session?
You can simply download and save the PDF files we sent you by email on your smartphone. This way, you can train even without the printed files.
10. I'm getting great results in the exercises, is it possible to increase the difficulty?
Some exercises include slight deviations to make the exercises more demanding. Even as an advanced player, you can thereby train with Golf Routines and improve your game.
11. Can I share the videos with my friends?
All videos are freely available on our Golf Routines YouTube channel. You can therefore share them with all of your friends. If your friends also want the personal training plan, all they need to do is register at www.golfroutines.com.
12. How much storage space will the videos take up on my devices?
Since all of the videos have been uploaded to YouTube, you do not need to download these. The videos therefore do not require any storage space.
13. Who is demonstrating the exercises in the videos?
The pro presenting the exercises in the videos is Romain Bechu. You can find further information about him at https://bit.ly/2xD6aem.
14. My question hasn't been answered, who can help me?
If you have any unanswered questions, please send an email to coach@golfroutines.com.